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ISSN 2005-7571 (Online)
Volume 27, Number 2 (2/2020)
Original Article <page. 74-83 >
DOI : 10.22857/kjbp.2020.27.2.005

Association between Childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Features and Adulthood Psychological Resilience in Patients with Mood Disorders

Sang Hyun Cho, MD1;Eui-Joong Kim, MD1,2;Kyu Young Lee, MD1,2;Soo-Young Bhang, MD1,2;Jae-Won Choi, MD1,2;Yunah Lee, MS3; and Eun-Jeong Joo, MD1,2;

1;Department of Psychiatry, Nowon Eulji Meical Center, Eulji University, Seoul, 2;Department of Neuropsychiatry, Eulji University School of Medicine, Daejeon, 3;Department of Statistics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Objectives : Psychological resilience plays a significant role in many aspects of mental health. The aim of this study was to find an association between childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) features and adulthood psychological resilience in patients with mood disorders.

Methods : A total of 213 patients with mood disorders including major depressive disorder or bipolar I, II disorder and 909 healthy controls were included. We assessed childhood ADHD features using the Wender Utah Rating Scale (WURS), adulthood psychological resilience using the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC), and current depressive mood using the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). Pearson's correlation, multiple linear regression and a mediation analyses were performed to examine the relationships between three WURS factor (impulsivity, inattention, and mood instability) scores, the BDI score, and the CD-RISC score.

Results : The CD-RISC score was negatively correlated with the WURS childhood inattention factor score and current BDI score in patients with mood disorders. BDI score mediated the influence of the inattention factor score on CD-RISC score among patients with mood disorders. The CD-RISC score was significantly lower in patients with mood disorders than in controls even after controlling for age, WURS scores, and the BDI score.

Conclusions : An evaluation of psychological resilience is important for enhancing recovery and quality of life in patients with mood disorders. When assessing psychological resilience, current depression and ADHD features in childhood, particularly inattention, should be considered.

Key words : Psychological resilience;Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;Bipolar disorder;Major depressive disorder;Mood disorder.


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