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ISSN 2005-7571 (Online)
Volume 25, Number 3 (3/2018)
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Effect of Stress and Serotonin-Transporter-Linked Polymorphic Region Variants on Internet Gaming Disorder in Korean Adults

Hyung-Sook Hong, MD1;Jo-Eun Jeong, MD1;Hyun Cho, MA2,3;Su-Min Kwak, MS2;Mi Ran Choi, PhD2;Jung-Seok Choi, MD4;Sam-Wook Choi, MD5; and Dai-Jin Kim, MD1;

1;Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, 2;Addiction Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, The Catholic of University of Korea, Seoul, 3;Department of Psychology, Korea University, Seoul, 4;Department of Psychiatry, SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, 5;Truemind Mental Health Clinic, Seoul, Korea

Objectives : Internet gaming disorder (IGD) is known to be related to stress and the serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region (5-HTTLPR) that is known to be associated with stress and has been studied to affect various psychiatric illness outbreaks. We tried to examine the relationship between stress, 5-HTTLPR and IGD.

Methods : A total of 59 participants with IGD, diagnosed according to the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) criteria and 67 normal controls (NC) were enrolled. The IGD group and the NC were compared using chi-square test and independent sample t-test, and logistic regression analysis was used to examine the relationship between stress, the 5-HTTLPR, and IGD.

Results : The mean scores for anxiety, impulsivity and stress were significantly higher in the IGD group than in the NC. In addition, there was a significant association between stress and IGD [odds ratio (OR) = 1.172, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 1.008-1.362].

Conclusions : This study showed that stress would affect IGD. Therefore, the evaluation and management of stress should be included in the diagnosis and treatment of IGD.

Key words : Internet gaming disorder;Stress;Serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region.


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